Koco Film Production Presents Official Video of ‘Jhanjran’, New Punjabi Song Sung by Manpreet Mani

New Delhi, Koco Film Production is proud to announce the release of the official video for “Jhanjran,” a captivating new Punjabi song sung by the talented Manpreet Mani. Since its release, the song has rapidly gained popularity, surpassing 500,000 views and marking a successful debut for Koco Film Production.

“Jhanjran” combines the soulful voice of Manpreet Mani, the expressive lyrics of Rammy, and the engaging music of Freak Singh to create a melodious and memorable track. The stunning visuals directed by Director_DV and Produced by Mr Deepak bring the song to life, enhancing its appeal to a broad audience.

The song’s success, with over 500,000 views, reflects the audience’s appreciation for high-quality Punjabi music and Koco Film Production’s dedication to delivering exceptional content. This achievement highlights the production house’s potential and sets a promising tone for future projects.

Notably, “Jhanjran” by Manpreet Mani is performing better than other popular songs such as “Jhanjran” by Gurnam Bhullar and “Rim Vs Jhanjar” by Karan Aujla, showcasing the unique appeal and quality of this new release. Furthermore, the song is going viral on Instagram, with people making numerous reels every day, and it is trending across all social media platforms.