In Tumakuru, a land dispute causes a family to conduct a funeral on the road

<p>According to authorities, a corpse was buried on a rural road since the burial at the cemetery close to Kataganahalli in the Pavagada taluk of the Tumakuru district was delayed.</p>
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Eranna, a 65-year-old villager, passed away on Sunday as a result of her sickness, according to the authorities. The family had made arrangements to carry out the rites of passage next to the local canal, Raja kaluve. The owner of the property next to the canal, however, claimed title and forbade the burial. The owner said, “Do not hold the funeral here; this is our land.” The deceased’s relatives begged to be allowed to do the final rites, but they were denied.</p>
<p>Following the incident, Eranna’s family dug a grave for her on the road leading from the hamlet to the countryside.</p>
<p>Landowners have created hurdles for funerals by encroaching on Raja kaluve and kharabu (public lands), causing the problem. The people are now anxious about where to bury the dead as a result. Villagers claim that the uproar and disturbances caused by the body’s arrival prohibited quiet burial rites.</p>
<p>According to Kenchappa, a relative of the dead, “We have been using this kharabu land next to Raja Kaluve as a graveyard for decades, but the upper class land owners objected to the funeral on Monday.” He said that they are purposefully causing disturbance in order to seize the property.</p>
<p>K H Chandra Shekara, a member of the Kataganahalli gram panchayat, told HT that there isn’t a distinct cemetery for each group in the hamlet.</p>
<p>He said that when he protested to the revenue officials, the Dalit community had to wait 30 minutes for the tehsildar’s involvement to resolve the situation, but the family hastily incinerated the corpse.</p>
<p>“On Tuesday, I went to the location with the authorities. Many locals encroached on government-owned kharabu land, according to B Varadaraju, the tahsildar of Pavagada. He said that after calling wealthy landowners to the scene, they consented to future funeral obstructions. He promised that the authorities would examine the property and expel intruders quickly. All the locals are being cremated there since there isn’t a cemetery in the area. I have previously approved one acre of property in the hamlet of Kataganahalli, which is one kilometer distant, for a public cemetery. Survey number 62.</p>
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