Following numerous breakups, Madelyn Cline and Pete Davidson begin dating again

<p>Following their recent breakups, Madelyn Cline and Pete Davidson are developing a new relationship, Us Weekly has revealed.</p>
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“Madelyn and Pete are dating. They shared a bed at the Beverly Hills Hotel and brunch there the next morning, according to Us Weekly.</p>
<p>They kept things simple and unassuming while sporting baseball caps.</p>
<p>Following Davidson’s breakup with Chase Sui Wonders after less than a year of dating, the comedian paired up unexpectedly with Cline, 25.</p>
<p>An source said in August that “there’s no bad blood or any hard feelings between them,” adding that they just had different priorities.</p>
<p>“They decided they just wanted different things because their relationship had simply reached its end.”</p>
<p>Following his brief relationship with Emily Ratajkowski, Davidson and Wonders, both 27, went public with their romance earlier this year. The two met on the set of Bodies, Bodies, Bodies. He also had a four-month relationship with Phoebe Dynevor in early 2021 and dated Kim Kardashian from October 2021 to August 2022.</p>
<p>The Bupkis actor has gained attention for his personal life, notably his lengthy engagement to Ariana Grande in 2016. Davidson has often addressed the media’s fascination in his romantic life.</p>
<p>“I have no issue. On the Peacock’s Hart to Heart season 2 debut in July 2022, he noted, “I know what it comes with.</p>
<p>“I completely understand since everything I get to do is sick. If that’s all you have to worry about, no big issue.</p>
<p>I’m in my 20s and I’ve dated folks, Davidson said in a March edition of the podcast “Real Ones With Jon Bernthal. And for some reason, it intrigues and drives people insane. It isn’t intriguing to me. Since I’ve been on a national TV program for 14 or 15 years, or practically half my life, I’ve been in the entertainment industry. I’ve dated 10 individuals in the last 12 years. Although I don’t believe it’s all that weird, other individuals would find that to be really intriguing. Everyone started talking exclusively about it.</p>
<p>Fans discovered that Cline had unfollowed Jackson Guthy on Instagram, which led to their breakup in July. Since June 2022, the ex-couple had been seen together and had shown signs of affection before splitting up.</p>

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