FIR filed against YouTube channel after Prakash Raj claims danger in the Sanatana controversy

<p>Actor Prakash Raj filed a lawsuit against a YouTube channel after making statements about Sanatana Dharma, citing threats to his life and the safety of his family. The Vikram TV YouTube channel has been named in a FIR that the Ashoknagar police have filed based on the allegation.</p>
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The actor said in his police report that Vikram TV had uploaded a video on YouTube with aggressive statements that directly endangered his life. Raj cited the video in the lawsuit, which allegedly included remarks such, “Stalin and Prakash Raj must be finished?”</p>
<p>In his lawsuit, Prakash Raj claimed that the film portrayed him and his family members negatively and served to incite others against them. He said that the video was an obvious effort to deliver a dire warning to him and his family, requesting that the owner of the YouTube channel and anybody else involved be held accountable.</p>
<p>The purported threats follow recent remarks made by Prakash Raj against Sanatana Dharma. Prakash Raj’s comments on Sanatana Dharma were made at a speech he gave to authors and artists in Kalaburagi. He said that those who vigorously promote Sanatana Dharma and Hindutva are not authentic Hindus but rather “contractors of Hindutva.”</p>
<p>“People who talk angrily about Hindutva and Sanatana Dharma are not Hindus. They work for Hindutva as contractors. Such claims are made with malicious political purpose. When speaking to authors and artists in Kalaburagi, Prakash Raj had remarked, “People must comprehend the reason behind such words, and I hope they will.</p>
<p>An official of the Ashok Nagar police station who wished to remain anonymous said, “An FIR has been filed against Vikram TV under sections 506 (criminal intimidation), 504 (intentionally insulting and provoking individuals), and 505(2) (sale of printed or engraved materials containing defamatory content).</p>
<p>These remarks came after Tamil Nadu Minister Udayanidhi Stalin compared Sanatana Dharma to ailments like malaria and dengue, which sparked even more discussion on the subject.</p>
<p>The Ashok Nagar police station officer said that a legal opinion will be sought to establish whether or not the actor’s case should be turned over to the CCB.</p>
<p>The actor has received a threat only days after more than 15 authors and intellectuals from the state wrote to home minister G Parameshwara to complain about getting threatening letters over the previous year and ask for a meeting. They said that they had received letters predicting their demise, along with those of the activists Gauri Lankesh and MM Kalburgi, who died in a similar manner.</p>
<p>Several liberal authors in Karnataka claim that over the last year, they have routinely received death threats issued by an organization calling itself as “Sahishnu Hindu.” Despite the fact that one person was detained in relation to these threats, the threatening letters have continued.</p>
<p>On September 2, Karnataka State Police Chief Alok Mohan issued an order directing Bengaluru City Police Commissioner to assemble a special team to look into the situation. The team was to be led by an officer with the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police, and the investigation was to be overseen by the Joint Commissioner of Police (Crime).</p>
<p>Seven FIRs in all were filed in relation to letters that authors K Veerabhadrappa, BL Venu, Banjagere Jayaprakash, BT Lalitha Nayak, and Vasundhara Bhupati received threatening their lives. These letters have been turned over to the CCB.</p>
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