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Breakthrough drug promises longer lives for man’s best friend – Times of India

NEW DELHI: In what could be a game-changer for dog owners worldwide, a biotech company has announced plans to conduct the “largest clinical trial in veterinary medical history” by testing a revolutionary drug aimed at extending the lives of canine companions, reported Daily Star.The experimental drug, disguised as a sweet treat, has the potential to add at least a year to a dog’s lifespan.Loyal, the pioneering biotech firm based in the heart of Silicon Valley in the United States, is spearheading this groundbreaking initiative. The company’s director of veterinary medicine, Dr. Brennen McKenzie, expressed optimism regarding the drug’s ability not only to increase the length of a dog’s life but, more crucially, to enhance the quality of life throughout their extended years.The trial, set to commence soon, will reportedly involve 1,000 dogs aged over 10, with an essential criterion being that dogs must be over a decade old to qualify for the randomised double-blind placebo trial. The study aims to establish whether dogs administered the new tablet live, on average, longer lives compared to those receiving a harmless placebo.Dr. McKenzie emphasized that while lifespan is indeed a vital metric, the primary goal is to improve the health and well-being of these cherished pets. “We think of lifespan as the amount of time that you live,” he explained. “But healthspan is the amount of time that you have good health, good function, good quality of life. That’s clearly the most important thing. But lifespan has the advantage of being very easily measured and very objective.”The identity of the drug remains a closely guarded secret for commercial reasons until the trial concludes. However, Loyal intends to bring this innovative product to the market swiftly if the trial data validates its efficacy, offering an affordable daily supplement designed to help dogs live longer.A research has shown that dogs in the United Kingdom, among other places, are experiencing shorter lifespans. A 2014 survey conducted by The Kennel Club involving 48,891 dogs of 191 different breeds found that the average lifespan had decreased from 11 years to 10 years over a decade. Experts were taken aback by these findings, as they had anticipated that advanced veterinary procedures, preventative health care, and balanced diets would lead to longer lives for pets. Negative factors, such as obesity, a lack of exercise, unethical breeding practices, and the creation of designer dog breeds, have seemingly offset these positive advancements.Meanwhile, Loyal’s clinical trial brings new hope for a brighter future for dogs and their human companions. Dr. McKenzie commented, “We hope if we’re successful in our trial to have our product on the market in the next few years. So that’s a very realistic possibility.”

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